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Social Media Management

Increased social likes, exposure, engagement and feedback.

Aquire your objective and goals

We aquire the look and feel of your business and how you opporate and apply a unique social media plan for the specific wants and needs of the audience you want to attract by searching for your target market and joining specific community network groups and engage and ask what they want to see. 

Create and improve accounts

Once we have aquired a look and feel for your social media profiles we will begin creating high quality content such as updating your profile picture and cover photo monthly and creating a scheduled content plan for specific days of the week. Advertisements will be made and posted for community groups. 

Monthly statistic report

Reports will be sent out on a monthly basis on the engagement that has taken place as well as the account likes, follows and views. Messages and complaints will be reported to including how many website clicks and post reach took place for the content.

Web Design & Development

Showcase your brand and products online


As quality design, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We specialise in a wide variety of custom websites to suit the theme and feel of your company. Each project is a journey we would love to take with you, to ensure the best outcome that your brand deserves. 

Joomla & Wordpress

Imagine creating what you want with any idea you have and quickly impliment it into a website for your company. Thats what we are here for! With professional website designing we offer you just that and more. By creating either a Joomla or Wordpress website of your choice for your business. 

E-commerce website

Our e-commerce webdesign services is for people who want to expand their business on the internet and sell their products online. We help businesses achieve real world online results. We are providing a complete end-to -end online shopping experience branded with your identity and products. 

Video Editing

Manipulating and rearranging video shots 

General video editing

Process films and videos by digitizing and organizing raw footage into polished pieces suitable for public audiences. We can make your projects more entertaining and we can create a whole editing style that reflects your creative side as well as include audio tracks that fit the content.

Animation & Effects

We take an original video and add muiltiple transitions, effects and lower thirds. Animation methods include traditional animation that use stop motion animation of two and three-dimensional objects and digital model rendering.

Phototgraphy & Film

We are continually improving the quality of film so that photographs are sharper, color is truer, graininess is reduced, and film speed is improved. All equipment is brought to the destination of filiming and photography then processed with tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.